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The purpose of this short study is to define the word Elohim as it compares to the more common term used in many bible translations of God.

First lets look at what the term God means, according to Strong’s concordance #0430 God is equated to Elohim with plural, plural intensive or singular meaning.

God is a Teutonic (ancient Germanic) title, which should not be our term of choice because it holds the meaning of super human, and was used almost exclusively among the Greeks, Romans, Babylonians, and many other pagan cultures. Primarily, because their deities were once men that died and became as the term denotes, “super human”, attaining godhood. The Father, YAH is not human in any way, and it does him dishonor to address him as such.

Elohim is the more appropriate title and can be used for rulers, judges, divine ones, angels, and gods. (Browns-Drivers-Briggs Hebrew definitions)

In the Hebraic culture, every leader or man who is of great authority is called Baal, Adon, Lord or Master. The title that is accredited to them by reason of their power is El or Elohim especially to those who were involved in teaching Elohim’s word, such as the Sadducees, Pharisees, Scribes and later the Rabbinical Society. Anyone in a position of authority and power is an elohim, however there is only one almighty Elohim, the Heavenly Father, YAH. We generally distinguish the difference between almighty Elohim and just anyone in power by the capitalization of the word. “Elohim” is used for the heavenly Father, and the Divine order when there acting as ambassadors of YAH; “elohim” equates to anyone else with authority and power.

    YAH said to Moshe, “Behold, I have made you as elohim to Par`oh; and Aharon your brother shall be your prophet. (Exodus 7:1 RNEB)
    I said, “You are elohims, all of you are sons of the Most High. (Psalms 82:6 RNEB)
    Yahshua answered them, “Isn’t it written in your Torah, ‘I said, you are elohims?’ (John 10:34 RNEB)

Other examples:

  1. Genesis 36:38 Baal-Chanan – Lord Hanan
  2. Exodus 14:2 Baal-zephon – Lord Zephon
  3. Numbers 25:3 Baal-peor – Lord Peor
  4. Joshua 10:1 Adoni-zedek – Lord Zedek
  5. Judges 1:5 Adoni-bezek in Bezek – Lord Bezek
  6. Isaiah 9:6 Yahshua El Gibor (Mighty God)


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