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Partner Videos

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6 Responses to "Partner Videos"

  1. valerie Hoey says:

    Shalom. Thank you for being a tool unto my salvation. I give Praise to Yah!!

  2. ArieYah Emet Yisra'el says:

    Praise Yah I always enjoy the videos!!!

  3. dedrick bell says:

    shalom,yisrael i send greetings from st.louis mo. in the name of yahweh and his son yahshua. want to inform you that there is a famine in the land for hearing the words of yah so many false teachings corrupting the simplicity of yahs law. i am in need of the true teachings of yah and yisrael please be in contact with me you have my email anytime you can send words of direction. love in yahweh

  4. Nashon Baht Yisrael says:

    I praise YHWH thru Yahshua to have come across your site. I have a daughter coming to University in your area and was worried about her ability to keep the Sabbaths and have access to Holy Convocation. We shall be visiting soon. Shabbat Shalom

  5. Angela says:

    Thank you so much for your teachings. They have been a blessing to me and i pray that YAH continue to bless your understanding as you feed us with the simplicity of HIS truth.Do you by any Chance have members of the same faith in South Africa, or in Australia? I would love to be around people having the same mind set towards the Kingdom of YAH.
    Please advise

  6. Brenda Lyons says:

    Thank you I really gain Yahweh's truth the videos was great. The real Words of Yahweh went forth. Do you have a Tabernacle located in Atlanta, Ga.

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